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Seeing and hearing the display at Flying Legends last weekend,I realised that I was really enjoying something for the first time since my parents died earlier this year. Something Dad passed on to me along with his love of aeroplanes,is the idea that you can get pleasure out of even the smallest of things. So I've been pondering about that,and I can find umpteen things that make my life that little bit happier,like The scent of a hyacinth on a cold winter's day Birds singing in the garden at dusk Finding a new book about flying-boats A freshly-brewed cup of coffee A field of poppies Hearing rain lashing on the window cuddled up in a warm bed with someone nice ( oh all right,Mr. Bee :diablo: ) My MP3 player Chocolate All right I know it sounds really cheesy,but would anyone else like to share their little pleasures ? Incidentally,I'm in awe of everyone who took those wonderful photos on the Airshow forum. Me,I've got a stunning collection of cloud photos with the occasional wingtip :rolleyes:
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For me the little thing that I enjoy are, 1)The Beauty of nature, flowers animals even some insects, the colour of summer fields, poppies,lavender etc 2) The smell of coffee 3)Sunsets and vibrant sunrises 4)The memories Music makes, collecting CDs has been something I have done for years still get excited about a new cd, I have collected things that remind me of my parents as well as my own style in music 5)Seeing my wife smile and laugh 6)Chocolate and ice cream 7)Lay-ins after working so early in the morning for over a week. 8)My camera and the images of many of the above it allows me to catch(Not food or lay-ins mind)

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A great idea for a thread. The little things that do it for me are: A phone call or email from her indoors Having my nose gently 'pawed' by my cat first thing in the morning. The sound of a Thrush after the rain has stopped A big bowl of Shreddies for breakfast, ice cold milk and too much sugar of course A cup of Yorkshire Tea at any time of day. Home made 'Her Indoors' Rock Cakes My little nephew running up the garden path, arms outstretched for a cuddle The two of us on a summers evening walk. 80s pop on my iPod, re living my misspent, motorcycle dominated youth!

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The smell you can only get in the lakes after a shower, a sort of musty pine tree Forestry smell that invades your senses, and the stillness and solitude with nothing more than the quiet lapping of the water on the shore... The stillness and beauty of an early morning mist and dew clinging to the ground on a summer dawn. A softness and comfort of an ice cool bed after a 15 hour shift.... Freshly laundered cotton sheets you used to get in the military crisply starched
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A cup of tea drunk at that perfect temperature - sweetened and without milk. An evening "nippy sweety"; a decent sized measure of scotch with a single ice cube. Feeling the hair on the back of your neck stand up as that favourite piece of music starts. See the sun shine through dark clouds (seen that a lot recently) Getting a picture accepted on (actually that's a big event)
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being out in as few clothes as possible in torrential rain thunder and lightning storms being on my motorcycle during the above the fresh watery smell of the lodges when fishing and for the above countryside sounds around where i live owls , vixens screams ( misnomer as both do it ) , church bells , horses , swallows darting around in the summer months the cockrell that used to sleep on my horses back in his stable then raised holy hell at 5am on a winters morning as i put my horses rug on in the dark to turn him out ( boy i miss them both ) jumping in a hot bath after a motorcycle ride in the rain fruit polos spring rolls real ale smell of steam engines and old cars/motorcycles

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Lying in bed reading a cracking book but not looking forward to another manic day at work tomorrow............... then realising that I didnt have to - get in a bomber and fly to germany - sit in an air raid shelter - roll about on a corvette in the north atlantic - sit in a fox hole in the desert - sit in afgahnistan .........kind of makes you think how lucky you really are..............
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The smell of a certain persons hair. A baby's laugh Stepping off the plane,knowing family,black and green olives, skordalia,lountza and lots of zivana await.