Star Wars Episode VII

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someone on facebook who lives near EX RAF Greenham put this photo of some parts for the new film starwars set by axel.edwards, on Flickr i am really looking forward to the new film but i also hope that disney does a good job
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Aren't there various warbirds living in containers on that site too?
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Someone flying drones by the look of it!!;) Aren't they the remnants of Doug Arnold's collection?
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Good to see the Falcon in the background. Worried this one will be as bad as the last three films made. I can still remember the thrill of watching Clapperboard when it showed the clip of Han and Luke man the Falcons turrets. At the time mind blowing effects and ships that looked dirty and used....aahh
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Hi All, Star Wars is in good hands JJ Abrams is your man he did a good two jobs with the Star Trek franchise usually he has the Midas touch with his projects. ;) Geoff.

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The markings match those of a freighter that blasted it's way out of Greenham Common some moments ago. Not quite the same ring to it. Looking forward to the film all the same. Was 10 in 77 when it was orignally released. I fear only those of 10 can enjoy it for what it is. Happy days.