Happy New Year

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I would just like to wish all Forumites a Happy New Year, and good health. I would also like to thank all the guys for their help and advice you have given me, you have all helped me in one way or the other, without me even asking for help. It seems to me, that we are a Band of Brothers, always there for each other when needed. Thanks again to TonyT, who has become a firm friend. Thanks also to Moggy, affectionately known as, "Old GIT", who started the Fighting Fund for me, and all the guys from many different places in the World who contributed. Jim. Lincoln .7
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Jim, I'm sure that we all hope that for you, the coming year is a huge improvement on this one. Best wishes, JG
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Happy New Year - and for me it is going to be a great start to 2015 because I was offered a job today :D