ArcelorMittal Orbit, London ~ 18Mar15

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When I booked my ticket on line to visit the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the UK’s tallest sculpture, the day before there was no mention of mist in the weather report but there it was covering most of London and the rest of the country when I turned up. It did clear and although there was blue sky and sunshine, there was a horrible haze and from Stratford, nearby Canary Wharf was about as far into London you could see rather than the 20 miles as advertised. My ticket was upgraded to an annual pass, as is I think everyones, so I can go back any time during the year for free. As you walk to the lift doors, you pass under a hugh great big funnel casting a dark shadow. The guide said it was part of the experience as you move from darkness at the base of the structure into light at the top. Would have worked if there hadn't been windows in the lift. You're taken to the top observation deck 80 meters above ground level in which there are two big concave mirrors along opposite walls. Actually polished stainless steel. Close up and everything is the right way round, move backwards and everything flips upside down and walking around them you can get the circus 'Hall of Mirrors' distortion effects. There is an open air balcony which you can walk around but the chicken wire screen makes it a bit difficult photography wise. On the lower observation deck, there are interactive LCD screens in which you can pick out buildings in front of you and what they are. There is a 455 step spiral staircase to ground level and you are advised to walk down the short section from the upper to lower observation deck first. If you are comfortable with that then you should have no problems with the rest. Spent about 90 minutes at the top, mainly waiting to see if the view would improve and keeping out of the way of a group of about 40+ pre-school children in high-viz vests. I'll be back again when the weather improves and it looks like a good location for a future night shoot with the tower/stadium and surrounding area lit up. Brian
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When's it all due to be completed?...