The 'Timing out' issue complained of earlier

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Hello chaps. Well as usual when it comes to things teccy I was short on knowledge. The forum software WILL time out on anybody who mulls over their response for more than 29 minutes and 59 seconds. But especially for Geoff, the Webbie has offered to extend this for him (and everyone else) to 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Frankly if you take longer that that to think of a smart answer it's your own problem :D Apologies once again for misleading you. But it has been a useful exercise in that I have learned another forum software feature. Anyone noticed that once in a while when they are typing an answer a little pop-up saying 'Auto-saved' appears bottom right? Well I am told that after that if you leave without actually posting your response, on returning, a small pop-up notification appears on the bottom left of the quick reply box offering to restore the saved content. Whether this works after a time-out I am not certain, and I currently don't have an hour to wait around and find out. Hope this helps? Moggy Moderator
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Well how interesting and how accommodating. No excuses now Geoff!!;)

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The 'auto-save' feature works a treat when any of my devices drops-out mid-post!
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Hi All, MoggyC, Many thanks for that you have been a gentleman sir! please pass on my thanks to Webby. :eagerness: Charlie, It would appear that way but I am sure I'll have one just ask the wife... :highly_amused: Geoff.
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Have you got microsoft office? If so type and then copy and paste it on the forum.
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Thanks Moggy, One lives and learns something new every day. Jim. Lincoln .7

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Yes thank you Moggy and Mr Webbie. I do take longer and my son has suggested type in word then paste. too. But its all rubbish what I right most of the time anyway so to be cut off has saved you from it all.