Reagan's Diary Entry on Secret 300+ Passenger Space Craft

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If space is infinite, or almost infinite, wouldn't there be lots and lots of nothing between us, the monkeys and the typewriters?

By 'we' being the 'first form of life' do you mean humans? Mammals? Reptiles? Fish?

Dinosaurs ruled the Earth for about eighty-five million years...

...that's about eighty-five million years more than mankind has managed so far!

There could be plenty of planets out there inhabited by dinosaurs, or monkeys, (or typewriters) but unless they are flying spacecraft over Roswell or transmitting something on the electromagnetic-spectrum that we can detect we are unlikely to know of their existence. There is no reason whatsoever to assume that most, or all, alien species are at a more advanced state of development than mankind (except probability); the dinosaurs had eighty-five million years and didn't invent the wheel...

...if it wasn't for that meteorite would they have developed it in the next sixty-five million years?

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Hi All,
I think your missing my point If Aliens do exist and have tried to communicate with us or between each other our equipment will more than likely operate in a completely different mode especially when they are many,many years in advance of us like Mr Tyson said.
You assume that these alleged Aliens have not found a way of penetrating through all types of interference that clogs up space, I suggest that if they are so advanced they more than likely will have, I further suggest that like us humans and other forms of life that we know of they would make the occasional mistakes and their machinery may throw a wobbly every blue moon.
Yes I agree with what you say about eye witnesses but that still does not prove they do not exist 100%, like I mentioned and you agreed and Mr Tyson states in the video UFO is just Unidentified and I would add to that while the majority is probably simply that like I also said the odd % cannot be explained as I also mentioned the once sceptic Dr.J.A.Hynek was of this opinion also.
Another train of thought here is that Mr.Tyson is obviously not stupid and has witnessed what has happened to those scientists who have openly stated what they really think like most who believe have become the target of ridicule and it has affected their professional status to the point where not many are taken seriously ever again. The stigma that is attached to openly admitting your true thoughts on this subject whether your a thicko like me or a highly intellectual professor who has ex amount of credential lettering after your name just gets labelled a Fantasist ETC.ETC.ETC.
If you believe that we are probably not the only intelligent life then surely it's not that much of a stretch to have intelligent life already flying throughout the cosmos is it ? As Mr.Tyson states in his 1st video we are made up of certain material and that material is abundant throughout the whole universe so by that statement couldn't it be quite possible that being as the universe is billions of years old and solar systems are being created and destroyed at the same time there is intelligent life either technologically behind us or more likely/Hopefully advanced than us ?


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Solar Warden - Interesting post. Would like to email with you about an appearance on my radio show to discuss this if your up for it - v/r commander cobra

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Crap? What's crap..?