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Posts: 2,128 From the team behind Classic Land Rover magazine, Defender is a new 100-page special magazine detailing the complete history of a British icon that has become the definitive cross-country 4x4. It chronicles the numerous mechanical upgrades, series of special edition models and working vehicles as well as especially modified expedition and enthusiasts’ machines. FEATURING: NOBODY DOES IT BETTER The complete history of the Land Rover's iconic 4x4 from hard-core farmer's workhorse to global supremacy. MAKE MINE A NINETY Early Ninetys classics are always worth preserving and these early coilers have a special place in the history of Land Rovers. SAVING FACE The major facelift for 2007 models brought the Defender bang up to date! ISLAND DREAM Paul Bracey's Ninety was used in the 1986 Camel Trophy. It has seen more life than most Land Rovers but is still going strong. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY Changing times at Land Rover lead to the production of the 40th anniversary Ninety, the first in a sequence of anniversary models. MEANS OF SURVIVAL It take a special kind of Defender to cope with the inhospitable Icelandic winter. LIGHTS CAMERA ACTION The Tomb-Raider Defender was a short-lived experiment but a great PR exercise for Land Rover. LAST OF THE LINE Three different limited edition Defenders for the swan song to the icon. AND MUCH MORE! DEFENDER is AVAILABLE NOW for just £5.99+Free P&P* from the Key Online Shop. Alternatively, you can pick up a copy from WHSmith and other leading newsagents or download your digital version here.
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