Well done Chris Packham

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About time more people stood up to the CA.


He was speaking up against illegal activities don't forget, do the CA really want to be seen to be tacitly supporting criminality?

As has been said in the comments on the DailyHeil's article on the same matter, if he had supported them in a 'blatantly political way' they would have been happy. Interestingly, the majority there are supporting Chris' stance on this-if the CA can't even rely on DM readers, they should be worried

It is important for those like myself living in rural areas to make sure people don't think we all support hunting and the illegal killing of birds of prey.

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CA don't like him and you sort of get the impression that he doesn't like them BUT having been on the wrong end of a CA ranter myself I know what sort of hair trigger they operate with.

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SNAFU I agree with you.(this is becoming a habit,I must stop it!):D

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Chris Packham is one of the few wildlife presenters who doesn't anthropomorphise the animals.