London Christmas Lights Bimble 2015

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I started my evening Bimble just after sunset in Oxford Street. Their Christmas lights are a load of balls. Literally. Turning into Regent Street, you are met with an explosion in a clock factory with bits of cogs and springs strung out across the street. Some of the larger pieces have video images projected onto them so they are constantly changing in light, colour and pictures. Just off Regents Street is Carnaby Street which had the most colourful decorations. A slight longer walk off Regents Street and you come to New Bond Street which have gone with peacock-inspired decorations for their street lights. Having negotiated the many pedestrian crossings to get from one side of Oxford Circus to the other, I headed towards Leicester Square and the Christmas fun fair set up there. I had a detour into China Town but their decorations go up for the Chinese New Year in February when I'll be back. Next it was a walk up towards Covent Garden where I came across the source of the cliperty-clop I had heard going along Shaftsbury Avenue which I though was police horses. Parked up was an old style omnibus, pulled along by three horses, that was giving sight seeing tours. The Covent Garden Christmas theme this year is big sprigs of mistletoe which I think were broken as I stood under a few and nothing happened. There was an opera singer belting out songs inside and a man with big balls entertaining families outside. Lastly it was down to the Strand and fight my way through commuters, visitors and theater goers to finish at Charring Cross Station and the tube to Kings Cross and the train home. With the detours and stops to take photos, the Bimble took just short of three hours.


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Lovely photographs. They were up when I was down there last month, but I couldn't capture them on my Iphone with any degree of success.