Britain First Fall Ffor Fake News Story

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Britain First, a right wing group run by three men and a dog (with the hound having the majority of the outfits brains) yet followed by several dozen skinheads, fell for a satirical story with a topical time of year connection.

Britain First just fell for a blatantly false news article about ‘Easter’ towns

When the tagline of a website is ‘The latest news from Southend. Honest…’ you should take what you read there with big handfuls of salt, if not total disbelief.
Britain First did not, so when Southend News Network, a satirical website, reported that the Essex villages of High Easter and Good Easter had been forced to change their ‘offensive’ names after complaints, they took it at face value, and swiftly published this latest assault on British values on their Facebook page.


The article, which quotes ‘Dr Malcolm Touchi’, describes the move as ‘irritating but necessary… The people who live in these two villages are going to be upset.’
Comments on the Facebook page read: ‘Things are going to far taking everything that’s British away from us next will be the English breakfast’ and ‘We should complain and get all mosques closed down.’


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