A Google autocomplete stereotype map of the USA

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Had to laugh at this...

The autocomplete function of Google can provide an insight into underlying assumptions, perceptions, or queries about a place.

If you type "Why is [place] so..." into the search engine, an array of tropes will greet you.

Take the UK:

We've decided to map the US, having done UK counties and European countries already, to see what the UK thinks about all the states that comprise the good ol' US of A.


Some of the results are political, focusing on the UK's interest in state-by-state election results in the US.

Others are less easy to diplomatically explain away - we're looking at you Louisiana.


So that is what Google autocomplete, via an extremely bored journalist with nothing much to do and plenty of time to do it, had to say. I can't imagine what Americans will say about it, but I do agree in essence with the descriptions of New Jersey and Connecticut.

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