What Book Are You Reading?

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New Rules Of War - Sean McFate

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Hi All,
Just spent a few days in hospital having a stent fitted, while held inside I read J.B.Priestly's short biographical book (Postscripts ).

I did enjoy this quick read as it was his personal experience and comment of the beginning of WW2, basically a written account of his radio broadcast that he had done. On the whole though very readable and a little incite to those early days of the war from one of literatures greats.

The second book I started that I am continuing is a 2011 Wilbur Smith novel called (Those In Peril) a bit racy but still that is his style mixed with good descriptive action scenes.

'' Those in Peril is a book by the author Wilbur Smith. The book focuses on the lives of billionaire Hazel Bannock, who is the owner of the Bannock Oil Corp and Major Hector Cross, an ex-SAS operative and the owner of a security company Cross Bow Security.''


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Just finished Sidney Sheldon's book, 'Master of the Game' which has encouraged me to order more of his works as they seem to be in my vein. Sorry, no aeronautical connections yet!

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Tarzan of the Apes, Edgar Rice Burroughs, about halfway through.