Premium Members can no longer download PDF copies of Magazines !

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Hi, I contacted Key publishing as I am a premium Member for many years now (and a flypast subscriber) and it was sold to me on the Basis I could download PDF versions to ALL the Aviation Titles as part of my subscription

But now the ONLY option to view the Premium Magazines now is online via their live 'viewer', which is quite frankly rubbish !.

In the past I was able to download the PDF version of any of the Magazine range to my Tablet, Open it in Adobe (excellent viewing ) and view it at my leisure in places where there is no WIFI or expensive WIFI (When flying), i.e on the beach, camping, at the pub etc

and this is the reply ?


As all our print publications contain copyrighted material, we have taken the decision to disable the download function on our websites, in order to protect the integrity of this content.  ?????

Furthermore, this decision will assist us in reducing the increasing number of occurrences of our publications appearing on 3rd party websites for illegal/unpaid download.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused

I am sure the scumbags who are selling illegal/unpaid downloads will work out how to get past this and continue to operate again very quickly.

Any thoughts 

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