Latest historic aviation products from Key Publishing - 19 Feb 2010

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If you, or someone you know has a passion for historic aviation then you may be interested in some of our fantastic products. From books and calendars to DVDs and magazines, you'll find everything you need at Key's Online Shop. For more information on our full range of aviation gift ideas visit us today.


Our superb range of Historic aviation books from Crecy Publishing are now available! Including:
The Bristol Blenheim 2nd Edition
The Bristol Blenheim draws on Graham Warner’s unparalleled knowledge of this remarkable aircraft. A former Blenheim owner, Graham has fully updated and revised over 700 entries with recently unearthed information from both the Air Historical Branch of the Ministry of Defence and many private sources to provide a truly comprehensive account of the Blenheim’s origins, development and operational history.

320 pages, hardback.

Key Price: Just £29.99 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW
The renowned autobiography of New Zealand’s most famous RAF pilot who saw action from the Munich Crisis to the invasion of France in 1944. Al Deere experienced the drama of the early days of the Battle of Britain while serving with Spitfire squadrons based at Hornchurch and Manston, and his compelling story tells of the successes and frustrations of those critical weeks. Deere’s nine lives are the accounts of his fantastic luck in escaping from seemingly impossible situations.

Key Price: Just £7.99 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW
This is the story of a special breed of warrior, the fighter-bomber pilot; the story of valiant men who flew the F-105 Thunderchief ‘Thud’ Fighter-Bomber over the hostile skies of North Vietnam. From the briefing rooms to the bombing runs, Vice-Wing Commander Colonel Jack Broughton, recounts the tragedy and heartache, the high drama and flaming terror, the exhilaration and thrill of life on the edge

Key Price: Just £10.95 + FREE P&P* - BUY NOW

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2010 Calendars
Flying Legends calendar is consistently popular with aviation enthusiast, featuring the finest vintage warbird photography in the world by eminent aviation photographer John M Dibbs.

Technical specifications are listed for all the featured aircraft, ensuring sixteen months of dramatic images and information.

Key Price:
Just £10.49 + P&P - BUY NOW
This stunning Battle of Britain 2010 Calendar features fantastic full colour aerial illustrations of those aircraft involved in this huge battle for supremacy in the skies above Britain. The calendar commemorates the 70th Anniversary in 2010 of this famous air battle! Each month features full landscape A3 sized illustrations along with some interesting notes and information on the subjects pictured. A fantastic commemorative gift calendar for 2010!

Key Price: Just £10.49 + P&P - BUY NOW

*UK and BFPO only

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