WW2 Luftwaffe visits to north east Scotland

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These archived WW2 snippets are from a local newspaper 'The Buckie Advertiser', and shows it was much more likely to be killed by a falling RAF aircraft than a German...

Feb 20
Raid on North East town
three persons were killed and three seriously
injured when a German plane bombed and machine-gunned Portknockie.
Those who lost their lives were – Mr James Mair and his 16 year old daughter, Margaret Mair and Mrs Ann Mackay. Those injured were – Mr and Mrs Slater and Miss Georgina Mair. James Mair was home on leave at the time.

Mar 6
More enemy planes visit the north east
- Two were shot down, one coming down close to shore with the four-man crew being able to launch their dinghy and paddle ashore, where they were captured.
A number of bombs were dropped one near to the farm of Tarrymount in the Enzie.

Apr 10
Bombs fall in the Enzie
- A high explosive bomb fell on a field of the Enzie farm of the Holl tenanted by Mr Alex Stewart. The bomb, which fell 200 yards from the farm and between there and the hamlet of Cowfurrich, carved out a hole 4 feet deep and 10 feet wide. Mr Stewart told the Banffshire Advertiser that he was in bed asleep at the time but heard the whistling of the bomb as it came down followed then by a huge explosion. The blast as the bomb exploded smashed windows in the house while one piece of shrapnel went through a zinc roof with another becoming imbedded in a door. Later in the morning when Mr Stewart
went to pull turnips he found that they were riddled with small pieces of shrapnel. The blast had also blown a large part of a fence away.

May 1
German plane cuts loose on goods train
- A German raider shot up a goods train as it sped on its journey through the northeast. A number of bombs were also dropped without any damage or causalities being reported. The plane later flew over Portsoy with guns blazing where people were fortunate to escape injury as they stood at their doors believing the plane to be British.

Aug 7
German spies at Portgordon
- The two spies who came ashore near Portgordon by dinghy in September 1940 have been executed this day.

Aug 14
German raid on North East town
- Five people were killed and a number seriously injured when German planes dropped a number of high explosive bombs on a north east town. (Peterhead or Fraserburgh)

Aug 21
German bomb Banff Distillery
- A solitary raider dropped a high explosive bomb on warehouses at Banff Distillery. Firemen burst open barrels full of whisky to try to stop the fire from spreading. A Banff fireman filled his helmet of whisky and drank it to become ‘roaring fou’. The whisky wasn’t fit to be drunk. He was fined £3 or 10 days for stealing the whisky. Cattle drinking out of the burn that flows past the still were stotting about more than usual!

Apr 21
Aberdeen suffered a heavy raid on Wednesday
. Considerable damage was done with not a few causalities, including two babies. A man cycling home from his allotment was found dead beside his bicycle and gardening tools. A veteran of the South African war was killed when he went back into his tenement home to rescue a pair of boots. A youngster, a message boy for the ARP, was also killed.

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