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I am considering purchase of a new book on Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft by P.D.Stemp advertised on ebay. A4 size x 70 pages for £9.50 (incl p&p) sounds good.

This is what it says:

Kites, Birds & Stuff - ARMSTRONG WHITWORTH Aircraft by P.D.Stemp.
One of a series of twenty books on British Aviation ( Makers & Manufacturers ).
Published ( 2010 ) by Lulu - This a seventy page A4 paperback book, with black & white pictures.
Individual details of around one hundred and forty four aircraft, including projects.
One hundred and twenty black & white pictures. + Fifty four plan diagrams.
Books show in most cases :-
Pictures - Plans - A few skeletal details - Type of power unit - Construction materials - Weights - Dimensions - Performance ( speeds altitude climb rate ) - First flights - Squadron allocations - Serial numbers - Locations ++
ARMSTRONG WHITWORTH - were one of the early pioneering companies of aviation in Great Britain, at the early part of the 20th. century.
This is a comprehensive study of this British aircraft manufacturer.
004 - Any profit from this book will go to a Wildlife Conservation Project.
U.K.POSTAGE & Packing is FREE

Has anyone seen any of these 20 books - are they any good?

Roger Smith.

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Kites, Birdsand Stuff - Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft - by P.D.Stemp.

Yo Roger,

What can I say.
I am the author of the said books.

If you were to read the messages left by those who have purchased my books ( e.bay ) it may give you some idea.

- or -

Contact me directly on - [email]kitesbirdsnstuff@btinternet.com[/email] - and I will endeavour to assist you.
If you ask for a page on a certain aircraft ( ie :- Armstrong Whitworth Apollo ) I will only be to happy to send you one, as a preview.

The controller of North Repps Aerodrome ( Chris Gurney ) is impartial and has reviewed some of my work.
I feel sure he may give you some idea of their content.
( [email]chris@northreppsaerodrome.co.uk[/email] )

- or -

Buy one, as they say - it is what it says.

It has taken me over fifty years to finally produce my books.
As you can imagine the research details, time, layouts, formats - everything I have done by myself ( t-raaaahhhh ).
It has taken awhile and it is brand new to the World.

Like it or not there it is - draw your own conclusions.