Fairey Gannet XL500

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I’ve just read that because of the prohibitive costs of overhauling the propellers, after around ten years of restoration to flying condition the work on Gannet AEW.3 XL500 has stopped completely.

As this was probably one of the most anticipated new Airshow acts (pre-Coronavirus) at least by me anyway, can someone please confirm if this is the case, whether temporary or permanent?



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It would be a huge shame if so. I have looked forward to see this fly for ages having missed them before. 

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I hope this isn't so , it would be such a shame to get this far.

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Likewise I too would be disappointed if this Gannet were to not be made airworthy, I know Dowty Propellers were unable to help for what reason I dont know, I also thought the prop was similar (obviously not the same) to the ones used on the F27 and that gave some hope that an overhaul agent somewhere in world might be found. I don't doubt that everything has been investigated but for those who have got the project this far it must be soul destroying.