Cobham's Flying Circus

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My father, Forester (Fred) Lindsley, having worked for Airspeed, went to work with Cobham in early 1935. He published some memories in an Australian mag called Western Flyer in the early 1990s. I have photographed the pages and have put them up on Flickr. The article was called the Topless Big Top, and the pages are TBT01 thru TBT28. He died in 2006

Flickr: Hope it is of interest.

PS If you right click on the image it gives you the option to enlarge.

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Marvelous. Thank you.

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Short Scion G-ADDT at Westwood Heath

Fascinating - thank you!

The comment about the Short Scion was very interesting as this photo shows the aircraft that was being used, G-ADDT, when Tom Campbell-Black's "Circus" visited Coventry (Westwood Heath).

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I recently got a DVD of footage taken by Norman Gobey a bank manager at Burnham on sea in the 1930's, he was well known about the town as a film maker. There's footage of Burnham's Home Guard, Carnival, Coronation celebrations and Cobhams Air Circus visiting Weston Super Mare in 1935 which according to my Mum (89) she visited... ;)

From what I've seen, todays Heath & Safety would have had a field day... :D

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I used to meet with Fred once a week in Brisbane around 1989/90. I would like to get in touch with pinkharrier.  The photos are great!

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Aerco can call me on 0418 727-727