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Response to Anson:

Fortunately I have a good memory and I can recall where I was on the particular ridgeline when we saw the patch of bare earth where it was obvious that the bulldozer had been working. It is only since we now have heard that the Baining fella buried it that that patch of bare earth has a huge significance. The bare patch had a slope off the ridgeline to the north and the bulldozer track we were on turned to the left after that bare patch and we descended down into a creek bed. I will be able to retrace our steps with this knowledge and locate the bulldozer track again. If we had the money then I would be able to take a GPR Unit with us. We do not have that luxury and I am now dependent on funding. Being retired does not give you the opportunity to recoup any money spent by topping up with wages so the matter rests until I get some funding. That's the sad fact.

The bare patch is definitely in the right area from the information from the Veterans because the ridgeline at that point is narrow and Lt. Backhouse climbed to the ridgeline and looked out to the south and saw hills in the distance which is exactly what you do see. The ridgeline ends there and a descent to the valley starts right after the bare patch location which is another clue and matches with what the Vets said, "After we saw it, we descended into the Valley towards the river."

Yes, there will be trees on the site now, they will be a maximum of 20 years old. We should be able to get definite readings from Metal Detectors and if it is there the pings will give us a localised area. We do get soundings all over these hills but sometimes they are weak but with a definite object underfoot they should be extremely positive.

Media knocking on the door.... Just of late, I have written to the Wichita Eagle newspaper and I have mailed a Radio Station in Salina Kansas, I have also emailed a Country Music singer and writer who recently declared that she has been interested in Earhart since being a little girl. None have responded as yet. I have lost count of the contacts I have sent the website to over the 20 years I have been following up on this, by putting boots on the ground. I sometimes feel I am wasting my time and money but the evidence is the driver, it is the only evidence that anybody has and it is imperative that this is continued. The whole thing is like a jigsaw and pieces have been fitting for years.

I was once down into trees in a helicopter in Sabah in 1968 just after "Confrontation" had finished. I could have been deceased then and hidden by the jungle and just after that experience I had the thought of: "Who would have come looking for me ?"

David Billings

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Keep up the great work please :)

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"Keep up the good work please"

Well, we'll try, but it looks like we will not be going again this year but definitely will be going next year by hook or by crook. The 80th Anniversary year is a must. We are still looking for further evidence. One team member looks in the multitude of boxes at NARA in Washington DC (so far I think has has been through about 600 or so) and I have a trip planned to the AWM in Canberra for the third time.

I am trying to sell my single-seat glider to raise some funds and if that does not sell, I have another two-seat glider (ASK-13) that I bought as a wreck for repair to airworthy standard again which is nearly ready and that one may be a better attraction. Other than that does anyone want to buy a python that keeps coming back to my shed every year to hibernate ? How about a 1967 Norton Atlas 750cc that is in bits ?

Other news is the site is now a www. at and for everyone's enjoyment there is a PayPal button to play with, that a few people have asked for over the 20 years I have been doing this. I finally got around to doing it at last.

We'll get there...


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Twin Otter 23:

Keep that Argosy C.Mk.1 cockpit in good nick at the NAM..... I may come back and fire it up again one day... I enjoyed the last time about fifteen years ago... I might have difficulty remembering some of the checks but I will never ever forget to remove the FPS Lever and check for 5 Lights after landing......



Missed this before, apologies!

Argosy in good nick and providing enjoyment for many visitors; 'operational schedule' detailed here

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Dave, I just read your website from start to finish. Couldn't stop. Loved it. Would make an excellent book. Your research is incredible. The AWM records prove the patrol found an aircraft. So it must be there somewhere. Have you ever thought of getting Rod Pierce involved? He is based in Rabaul these days. MV Barbarian could be moored in Wide Bay and used as a mothership. Your two week visits aren't achieving the results, perhaps a longer stay with modern support is needed. The boat should be alot more economical than chopper support, and it seems like the sort of thing that would really interest him. I'm glad you mentioned the Pease B-17, I would have been surprised if you searched that area and did not come across it. Did you also come across the A6m at Tol and the Ki-61 at Karlai? Given your belief in the wreckage having been buried, does that mean you feel you have effectively searched all the possible locations that could conceal the wreck and meet the patrols description? It doesn't appear that big of an area from 25,000 ft and Open Bay Timber have cleared a huge area in the general vicinity for planting. Well done with your efforts to date. I am greatly impressed. But only finding that wreckage will put an end to all this speculation.