Unidentified Hastings, Deerbolt Camp

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Found this site for the Kings Own Royal Regiment
It shows a Hasting fuselage is use as a training aid in 1957 at Deerbolt Camp nr Darlington, does anyone know the aircrafts identity.
Also shows a picture of a cabin load of soldiers in what looks like a Beverley, but what is on the cabin walls.


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This might help: http://splashdown2.tripod.com/id11.html and http://aviation-safety.net/database/record.php?id=19550726-0

In my opinion - no proven link yet - the Hastings fuselage could be WJ341: Undershot Abingdon airfield, aircraft ground looped 26/7/1955. Undercarriage collapsed, one wing broke off. Three crew on board survived with minor injuries

Reason for suggesting WJ341 as the aircraft in the picture is purely because it "fits" in terms of time scale (Hastings involved in a write off accident pre-1957) and the nature/extent of the damage (aircraft written off but fuselage largely complete/undamaged)

Also note that some wit has added under the ROYAL AIR FORCE TRANSPORT COMMAND titles on the fuselage the words "Under New Management" (!)

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TG559 would also fit the bill, although quite a bit before 1957, it also crashed at Abingdon, with the port wing and horizontal stabilizer / elevator being ripped off.

Rest of the fuselage looks ok.

Got to love the 'Under New Management' on the ground trainer!

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Thanks Scotty and John for the suggestions, WJ341 is definately a possibility but TG559 definately not as the fuselage of that one became a para training aid at Abingdon and served in that role there for many years.
After discounting the aircraft that crashed overseas I have TG519 which undershot at Dishforth(not too far from Deerbolt) and wiped the u/c off in 1948, it became 6609m.
Another at Dishforth was TG583 but that was a fatal crash and fire so probably not.
And lastly WD478 which was involved in a fatal accident at Strubby in 1951, six days after entering RAF service, caused by trim problems but the damage would suggest it isnt the one pictured.


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Picture here in 1948 awaiting delivery shows original colour scheme


Unlikely to have been painted before its crash into the later scheme shown in the photos

By contrast here is WJ341 with the Royal Air Force on the fuselage