Bloody 100th USAAF - B17s at War - film colour 45mins of WW2

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Full colour insight to the air war over Europe

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They've managed to film the aftermath of some real nasty crashes in there. Grim but fascinating viewing.

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Wonderful (and authentic) stuff.

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Excellent quality colour film, thanks for posting. Especially liked the Halifax taking off.

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Brilliant find !Thank you . Love the RAF, USAAF handing over ceremony .

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Thanks for posting, good to see some film from one of my local airfields.

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Hi, I posted a link to this web page a few weeks ago, there are some excellent archieve films here covering several USAF bases both bomber and fighter, there was an excellent one on Honnigton as a crash repair depot, so many aircraft types including visiting RAF types eg Typhoon :-) well worth checking this site out.

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Really enjoyed watching this on a rather boring Sunday's afternoon. Excellent quality footage.