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Hi all, have just watched in awe as a FW 190 zoomed into view from Gloucester direction did two highish curcuits and settled down nicely into the landing pattern came straight over my house to land at Staverton pale grey in colour usual markings just wondered if anyone can shed any light on where it may have come from or be based as its the first one I have ever seen, cheers Rob.

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W.A.R. scale replica? There are a couple around


....Jet Age Museum taking delivery of the first tranche of exhibits? Look out for the Me 263 and Me 163 overhead any time soon....!:D

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Probably misread the compass again :)
Damn these nagivational errors :)

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I only live in Brockworth , so I was going to jump in my car to take a look . Then I remembered that the Jetage Hurricane replica is out there keeping guard ---so no problems !!

However a new set of wings would come in useful !!!