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While going through photo's on Fold 3, I came across these two of a 78th FG P-51B/C dropping a dummy to test the parachute etc?
I wondered if any members had a little more info on how this was done??
Mainly the tank on the aircraft.
Thanks in advance.
Regards Duggy.

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Dropping a dummy parachute load is easy
Are you implying the dummy in the photograph was dropped from the 'tank' on the aircraft? If so are we looking at something similar to the 'Cuda Float' parachuting pod tested on a Barracuda?
The Cuda Flaot worked by having the parachutists (two per pod) sitting on trap doors that were opened by the pilot over the DZ. The parachute static lines are attached to the pod and withdraw the parachute in the 'normal manner' as the parachutist falls away. Of course the trailing static lines would be a performance handicap so the Cuda float contained a clockwork mechanisim that released the static line a few seconds after the trap doors opened. The UK didn't use reserve parachutes until 1956:eek:
The dummy doesn't need to be a complete human form ie fully articulated arms and legs. All that is required is a torso shape of the correct weight with stumps for the arms, legs and neck, sufficient to stop the harness slipping off. In its simplest form it can be an ammo box with two planks strapped to the side, as we used to test a parachute for the Air Cadets at a weight lighter than had been tested before (all the existing dummies were too heavy)