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Its a massive long shot I know, but does anyone have any records of aircraft movements of any weekly/monthly period at Binbrook in the mid 80's.

how many depart, (was it in two, threes, fours??)
where they went/for how long,

you know that type of info

I'd like the info to use in a flight simulator version of Binbrook.

Stevo ;)

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Hi Stevo76,

From memory, whenever the based Squadrons flew they usually flew in pairs, but regulary did three ships as well, The F.3 and T.5s were usually out for about 35 mins as for the F.6s 50 mins to an 1 and a half, although that did depend on if they were doing AAR.

you could get upwards of 12-16 jets on a morning launch, although my scribbled logs are in storage at the moment, but this is generally almost as I remember it, given that its almost 24 years since the place finished :eek:


Tim S