Vintageish aircraft for sale, and they don't come much older..

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Wright Brothers complete collection for sale. Unique oportunity to purchase the world's only complete collection of the Wright brother's experimental aircraft and scientific instruments. Please email or view our website for further details...

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TonyT, Hi,
What about (from Wiki)

In 1010 AD an English monk, Eilmer of Malmesbury, purportedly piloted a primitive gliding craft from the tower of Malmesbury Abbey. Eilmer was said to have flown over 200 yards (180 m) before landing, breaking both his legs. He later remarked that the only reason he did not fly further was because he forgot to give it a tail, and he was about to add one when his concerned Abbot forbade him any further experiments.

He may have been doubling as OIC Cellars at the same time!!!!