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The RIHG have got a 25yr lease on an old airmens mess building at the site to which we are going to refurbish it and open it up as a museum mainly for the Polish Sqns that flew from here as well as it being dedicated to all Polish Sqns.

We have gained planning permission for the building and have some funding as well as going for heritage lottery funding.

There will be memorials to all that flew from Raf Ingham.

We have an exhibition at Ingham village hall on May 12th - 13th and would welcome everyones support as well as getting new members for this.

The membership price per year is only £5.

The Royal Engineers are on site from today to build a new road for the museum and other jobs for us as they are using it as a training exercise and will be there for the next two weeks.

Please come and help support the project.



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Congratulations. I will try and a get down on 12 or 13th May, and I'll certainly become a member of your group... Great News!