B17 crash site find identification.

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Thanks for that. I can imagine that information, especially in written form can often be taken as "gospel" by researchers and as you say the error can be purpetuated over and over again.

Time to change all the little labels I have on the pieces of wreckage from 44-8639!

Do you know if there are any pictures online of the aircraft or crew?

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The piece in the third pic could be a tank strap

See my post #10.
or maybe even the attachment bracket for an aircrewmans shoulder straps to a bulkhead or similar strongpoint.

It's deffo not the latter.

I Like your mic call though and if it's not that then it's a headset jack plug.

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I've come across photos of a couple of the crew / passengers online.

There is a photo of John D. Leasure on the 351st BG website, which kind of confirms it is one of the same.

On the Boston College Veterans Memorial site there's a photo of Edwin R. Birtwell, and that site states he died in Wales.

There is a photo of a Max Marksheid on another site which lists personnel on a training course for pilots, though it could have been elementary flying training and he maybe failed the course so was re-mustered as a radio operator (that happened to my grand-dad so it did happen).

And finally on Ancestry there is a photo of a Boyd P. Dobbs in what appears to be a USAAF uniform, so it is probably the same person.

You'll find them if you run an image search for the full names.

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Thanks Alan, much to look at there!

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B-17G 44-8639 was assigned to the 305thBG at Chelveston 10/2/45 transferred to the 351BG Polebrook 23/5/45,crashed Barmouth salvaged 8/6/45 from Craif Cwm Llydd mountain. Pilot was 1/Lt Joseph C. Robinson of the 509th Bomb Squadron.