Oberlerchner Job 15

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I have often wondered why certain elderly European light aircraft produced in some numbers, such as the Spanish-designed Aisa 1-11b Peque and Austrian-built Oberlerchner Job 15, have never made it onto the British civil register, as I would have thought they were relatively inexpensive to purchase.

I was therefore surprised to see an example of the latter D-ECFE on a visit to Enstone today, lying in a hangar dismantled and looking a little the worse for wear with some fabric missing.

Does anybody know if it suffered some kind of accident in the UK and whether the plan was/is for it to be transferred to UK registry. Also are there many of this type still left flying?

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It sat complete at Manchester Barton with the grass growing around it for a few months (I have a photo of it taken in September 2010 at Barton), before being dismantled and taken by road to Enstone sometime last year (photographed there August last year).

Not sure how long it had been at Barton, but the grass was up to the wings.


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Roaded to Enstone 16Feb2011.

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Im making an educated guess on this one so may be a little way out? The likes of the Job, and Aisa for a start never had a UK certification when new. This was the problem the Bolkow 207 initially had in the UK I think? There were several kept on the D- reg for some time.
The other issue would be product support, i.e approved mods, maintenance schedule and spares. I guess there would be none for either type so the aircraft would have to have a LAA permit.LAA permits for factory built aircraft have been a problem when flying outside the UK but I think EASA is sorting that out? Remember almost all European permits are only issued to homebuilt aircraft.

So basically it is down to paperwork. For instance there are many European designs of microlight that are not UK certificated because of the cost, hopefully EASA will sort this out?