B24 Nose wheel collapse

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Just heard on FB that the Commemorative Air Force B24 has suffered a nose wheel collapse, no injuries & damage looks slight, but will put it out of action for a bit. pic here
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Saw about that on WIX, the same problem afflicted the B-24 in it operational days and sometimes led to foreward fuselage failure and loss of crew. Being on a paved runway rather than grass probably helped it slide gently to a halt without digging in. Richard

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? What's 'FB'...? :p

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BookFace or FacelessBook depending on which way you look at it.
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My Father had a nosewheel collapse in the Western Desert in 1943. So definately not uncommon. Lost a nosewheel and bent another B24 in Gibraltar when soneone thought it would would be a good idea to strenghan the defences by digging a gun pit and trench across the taxiway and not tell anyone!

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