Just popped down to the local Antiques Fair at Naworth Castle and came back with this. A Watertight trunk from 1920's

According to Flight Global there was a stores officer Flight Lieutenant WRP Allen assigned to Iraq in 1923 and Egypt in 1926.



The trunk was sold/made by Jones Bros of Wolverhampton and they appeared to have disappeared by early 30's.

Can anyone add anymore detail for the officer or the trunk?


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First appears in the Air Force List in April 1918 as Equipment Branch Flying Officer so if you search the Online London Gazette for RFC/Army service prior to this you should find him.

William Richard Percy Allen, Service Number 10063
(he is the only W R P Allen in the RAF at this time)

Air Force list and to a lesser extent Flight Archives will give you all his postings for before and after he attains the rank of Squadron Leader 1st July 1928.

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Appears to have been born in Northampton in 1890. Worked as a clerk in 1911 and ended up in the RFC then the RAF - working his way up to Squadron Leader.

Died in Abingdon in 1947. Widow Florence.