Wreckage Of Lancaster ED908 (60-Z)

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It seems that I am ploughing a lonely furrow on this one. I have carried out some more research looking for more evidence given that the dimensions of the bomb base are not given in OP1665. The piece found did not seem quite to fit the diagram for the 1,000 lb GP bomb. The diagram for the 1,000 lb MC equivalent looked to be a closer match.

On 20 July 1944 the site was bombed by 582 Sqn using 500lb and 1,000 lb GP bombs. However, the earlier attack on 6 July by 550 Sqn used 1,000 lb MC bombs. An aerial reconnaissance photo taken on 17 July shows the results of bombing by 550 Sqn and the piece found is within a short distance of the craters from four bombs dropped by 550 Sqn which exploded short of the target at the edge of the western part of the forest. Almost certainly, piece 116 must have come from one of these.

Further evidence is provided by a photograph published by Die Welt showing the defusing of what is said to be a British 1,000 lb MC bomb in 1945 or 1946 (see attached picture below). The base plate looks to match our piece.

So, I am now convinced that we must have the base plate, with a fractured tail pistol attached, from a British 1,000 lb MC (not a GP) bomb.




Index to parts found and annotated illustrations:



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Hello Bob,

 I don't know the bombs in great detail but it looks like a good possibility.