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Hi All,

Does anyone have any pictures or information regarding the three Hawker Hunter FGA.78s that served with the Qatar air force in the '70s? I am particularly interested in the aircraft serialled QA-12 as I am currently in the process of restoring the nose/cockpit section from this airframe.

It was originally built under license in Holland by Fokker as an F.6 and served with the Dutch air force from 1957 for about 10 years as N-222. It was then bought by Hawker, refurbished and upgraded to FGA.9 standard, re-designated an FGA.78 and sold to Qatar as part of a 4 aircraft contract (3 single seat FGA.78s and 1 T.79 trainer). I gather it was retired in about 1981 and somehow found it's way back to the UK.

Any pictures/further history of QA-12 or N-222 would be most gratefully received.


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