Boeing STRATOCRUISER Flying Again

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By way of the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation,the big Boeing 377/C-97 STRAT will become a Flying Museum Exibit of COLD WAR History. When complete SHE will house inside HER fuselage many displays,showcases,artifacts & memorabilia & tell the many stories of the COLD WAR yrs. HER new name is "Angel Of Deliverance" and as of 5 Nov 2001 the big STRAT landed at Millville airport NJ on ferryflight EAST to new home base at the hangar in NYC area. We are a nonprofit,tax exempt,all volunteer membership corporation located in Toms River NJ. Help & support is welcomed to get involved in this great project to preserve in flying condition,one of the last of 2 surviving STRATS that are still AIRWORTHY in the WORLD today.See us at "Help Keep The Legacy Alive"

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