Lancaster mid upper turret FN50 MKI

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Have any members ever been involved with either the re build of an FN50 turret or even a replica build of one. Although I have the maintenance manual A.P. 1659A Vol 1, I'm actually looking for drawings with the specs and measurements for items such as Gun brackets/mounts, sight arm supports and Chordal stiffeners. Needless to say I'm also looking for parts if available or copies. I'm also curious about the fitting of the turret to the fuselage and any weight issues that caused problems as I'm trying to work out if the only method of support for the weight of the turret was the actual turret ring itself.
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I have several FN150 turrets which are a slightly improved version of the FN50. Most of the parts are identical. I'm thinking of parting with them and may be able to help. You'd better pm me.
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We completely rebuilt our FN5 which to all intents and purposes shares the same chassis. Glad to offer advice if needs be John

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Air Ministry, if you have a spare turret we would be very happy to know and look at the possibilities of bringing one to East Kirkby with our Lancaster. Please PM me with any news.

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Hello Air Ministry, Did you get my PM regarding the Mid-upper turrets a couple of weeks ago? Please contact me when you have time.