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Hello everyone Can anyone help ? I'm trying to find out weather an photograph may exist of Hawker Tempest EJ803 , JF-V of 3f Squadron RAF. It was the aircraft that my grandfather was killed in on December 29th 1944. I had asked the squadron and association but they have turned up nothing. I'm not really sure where to go from here. Best wishes and thanks James
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Hello James, Have you a copy of 'Three's Company'? If not here is a section mentioning your grandfather: On 29th December Flt Lt M F Edwards in EJ803 was shot down by a 109 of JG27 north of Rheine. He had just returned to the squadron after suffering injury during harvest time at Newchurch. He was sent to Halton RAF Hospital with a septic foot, then to the West Country flying target tugs. He returned to No.3 on 8 December, and on 25th 'had a squirt at a Me262'. He was killed on his ninth flight after return. A Kiwi who had joined No.3 in December, Harold W Longley logged on 29th 'Eddie and Slade-Betts are missing on morning sortie'. F/O Slade-Betts was in JN803, also shot down by KG27 north of Rheine. This sortie was led by Sqn Ldr J F Thiele DSO DFC** RNZAF. His notes for 29th December read 'A/R (air raid) Rheine Munster .55' 109 destroyed - Ken Slade-Betts and Eddie missing'. Best of luck in your search. Jim.
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Good to see you found your way here, hope someone can help. Have you tried contacting the webmaster at: http://www.hawkertempest.se
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James, I have pm'd an historian in NZ for information on your grandfather. Hopefully he can share some detail on his efforts in the war for you. As an edit, he said that if you have anything specific about his establishment in the RNZAF and history leading up to his final sortie then he can probably hep you. He has a lot of info in his book(s) he has written on (all?) RNZAF staff who were active in WWII and still has resources on tap. That family name Atkinson, was in my local country district in Sth Wairarapa but they had links to origins in Christchurch too, just sth of Hagley Park. Graeme