Garage finds to i.d. please...

While having the usual pre-Aeroboot stroll down the heavily laden shelves of the garage, I re-discovered these two pieces and would appreciate your help in identifying them.

Item 1 is a Dowty Hydraulic Pump with a label reading:-

37J/820.5700.R.H.1800. Mk.2

It was part of a job lot purchase (someone else's garage clearout!) years ago. It's been interfered with at some point. Someone has removed the (prob. 2 b.a.) screws that hold the rear casing onto the body, but it looks complete otherwise.

Any ideas what engines it might be used with?

Item 2 looks to be part of a small hatch? This came from a scrapyard many years ago. It looked worth saving so I picked it up. The release lever(?) is spring loaded. There are a number of clues as the photos show.

Part Numbers stamped on it include 49493 and 49493-2. The inspector's stamp on the lever reads GEO / 2, and similar stamps on the body read R2 / 8L and ML / ML. It's about 20 inches across.

As always, your assistance is much appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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Hatch appears to be the sliding cockpit hatch on a blenheim bolingbroke?
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The hydraulic pump looks to be very similar to the type fitted to the Jet Provost, mounted onto the ancillary gearbox of the Viper which is accessed via a removable panel behind the ejector seats......don't have the AP to hand to check exact part number.
The base plate fitting is quite standard as we used a spare Viper pump to mount onto our ground hydraulic rig and it fitted without any adjustments being required, even though previously fitted pumps included an RR Avon type.

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Are they on their way here this weekend? :D
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Firstly, thanks Peter for your suggestion. Checking Elliott's Part Number list, "R2" suggests Rootes Industries who produced lots of Blenheims. I've been peering at every cockpit photo from the APs to the internet but none appear to show the hatch in situ - lots of photos taken from above through the open hatch though!

I think we have a Forum member with a pretty extensive knowledge of the Blenheim so I'll draw his attention to this thread.

Blenheim, eh? How cool!

Are they on their way here

Thanks for the suggestion on the pump Relightflynn9 and yes, it will appear at the Aeroboot, and at an absolute bargain price, along with a host of previously unseen treasures. It's amazing what turns up when you start scanning the shelves!
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A/M.. I did restore a blenheim hatch to get it to operate once more..hence I knew exactly what it was after seeing the lock release handle in your pics.. nice find, now you just need the rest of it ;)