Brian A Powell 1921 - 2014

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Posts: 939 Although this is a little late (I only heard after his funeral had taken place) I wanted to mention the sad passing of Brian Powell. I first came across Brian some years ago when I was researching for my book on Airwork. He gave me a great deal of help and also assisted me in other research I have carried out since. He was a delightful man and he was always modest and unassuming, despite his considerable aviation background. I attach a link from his son Adam, which gives the details of his long career in aviation. I am no spring chicken and it always amazed me that at the age of 93 he was telling me about his time as Chief Pilot for Westminster Airways, sitting in the cockpit of his aircraft at Heston just after the war waiting for passengers to show up for a flight. This took place several years before I was born. When these people pass on, we always lose a slice of aviation history. Blue Skies to him. RIP Brian A Powell 1921 – 2014
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