Luftwaffe Engine Part and compass Bowl

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I picked these up last weekend from a contact who visited Flying Legends in return for some parts. The first piece - I was told was from the engine of an He1111 recovered from a beach. The inside was caked with shells and it has taken two days in acid to clean it out. It is steel. There are some stamps on the lower ring and on the body of the piece. The lower part has stamps with Pa and 69 in a circle The body has a number and a circle stamp. Number is 1236N or 1253N Stamp has H33 it id about 65 mm high and total length is about 120 mm Merlin Pete says it has similarities to a breather on the DB6 series engines. The other part is a Ju87 mutterkompass base/bowl -cant see it on . Any one seem similar pieces?
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