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It would take several trainers to equal the cost of a new Mosquito...but only two or three Spitfires....hence my suggestion.
My reason for mentioning the trainers was simply to show that there is a great deal of warbird invested wealth out there.
If 2-3 Spitfire/Mustang owners really wanted one, they could certainly get one.

What we seem to have is the rich folk not having the same desires as the "enthusiasts"...and the average air show punter isn't happy about it...the same way they're upset when something is sold abroad or painted in a scheme not of their liking.

Really, I'm surprised no one (or group/partnership) has one yet.
Certainly, it would make the owners the envy of the UK warbird scene and would give them a unique cache (all the better for "bragging rights" at their club :)).

I suspect that if Glyn Powell had had his magnificent rebuild operation underway a decade or so earlier, TFC would have had TV959 in the queue for their operation rather than selling her on.

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Hi All,

These via PMM Facebook page :-


Thanks to for some excellent coverage of our latest update and for the continued support of our project.

We're immensely proud of the work being delivered by the team at Retrotec. Seeing the fuselage moulds take shape represents a giant leap forward for the project and the start of something special for all those who have backed us and continue to back us in returning a de Havilland Mosquito to the skies over the UK and Europe.

Can you help support this remarkable work? 

(Click link above for article and more photos)


This week I managed to pop into Retrotec to visit Guy Black and check the progress on the Fuselage Moulds.... well I was amazed and cannot tell you the sheer size of these things! We still need your support to finish them off so please if you can spare that £1 go to our website for links to donate.

We will be organising for Club Members early 2020 a chance to see these engineering beauties up close!




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I wish them luck, however I have a question.

How important is it to build the airframe in the UK?

Making molds and doing work for the first time that has been already done in NZ seems a bit counterproductive for a group subsisting on donations.

In other words, by using existing molds and the considerable experience of the ND workers, wouldn't there be some, perhaps substancial, savings?​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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It appears to be very important to TPM, certainly ever since it has been considered a viable option.

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What a fantastic sight. Well done to all concerned 

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It might also have to do with position in the production line. As the Late Glyn Powells is tipped to be headed to the other Mossie group the TPM might see this as a quicker way to get the aircraft flying. 

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^^^^^^^^  Does this mean we MAY end up with 2 Mossies in the UK ?