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Aviation News FEATURING: http://s10.postimg.org/5e8rl96bt/shauns_dfpscon.jpg THE FASTEST CONCORDES Tom Allett spoke to retired British Airways Concorde Captains Mike Bannister and Leslie Scott about their record-breaking transatlantic runs. TALES FROM THE LOGBOOK... Alaskan Adventure Part 1 John Hume joined a recent Ian Allan Aviation Tours trip to Alaska to see the many propliners that still operate in the northern US state. HARRISON FORD - PILOTS' ADVOCATE Tyson V Rininger spoke to Harrison Ford about his passion for flying and his efforts to promote aviation. http://s28.postimg.org/lpkefn8bx/shauns_dfps_hornet.jpg ADVANCED SUPER HORNET The latest generation of Boeing’s F/A-18, the Advanced Super Hornet features upgrades that will enable it to operate on the front line until 2030 and beyond. HANDLEY PAGE TYPE O The Handley Page bombers of World War One laid the foundation for the aerial bombardment carried out by the RAF in World War Two. David Smith examines the history of this pioneering aircraft. http://s2.postimg.org/4ckq82afd/shauns_dfps1.jpg SIXTY YEARS OF THE SCOOTER The first Skyhawk flew 60 years ago yet and is still operated by air forces and several civilian contractors around the world. Jim Winchester asseses the A-4 Skyhawk. AIRSHOW ROUND-UP News and reports from Farnborough, Waddington, RIAT and Flying Legends. AND MUCH MORE! Aviation News August issue is AVAILABLE NOW for just £4.30 from WHSmith and other leading newsagents. Alternatively, order your copy from our online shop or download a digital version here.
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