The Tardis has disappeared !

I just got home to the message 'The Tardis has disappeared'. Having ascertained that this was not a wind-up, I investigated. We were supposed to fetch it this week from a Rugby Club in Solihull to take to Halfpenny Green for the Wings & Wheels at the weekend, but when we rang up to arrange collection we were told it has gone. There remains the possibility that the Doctor has flown it to Halfpenny Green, it is after all capable of movement through time and space, but as I understand it, the navigation circuits on the Tardis are not perfect, so if anyone spots a new blue police box appearing in your locality, can you let me know.


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Sightings coming in thick and fast now, this taken at the Wings Museum 5 minutes ago! tried to get in to see if it would take me back to 1940 on a salvage trip but the doors were locked.
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Good News ! The Tardis has landed at Halfpenny Green. One of the Doctor's is also there. Their adversary, a Dalek named Goldie is hiding in another hangar, waiting for the expected reinforcements in the morning. Let battle commence