Who was this Squadron Leader?

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Dear all, Following the advice of the kind people of Britain at War, I direct my question to this forum of experts. In my small private collection, I have a Service Dress that belonged to a RAF Squadron Leader. Apart from his pilot wings, this Service Dress also has the following ribbons : DFC, DFM, India General Service Medal 36-39 and Coronation Medal 1937. The very small holes in the collar give me reason to believe that this pilot belonged to the voluntary reserve. Unfortunately there is no name inside this service dress. However, there is a series of numbers. I wonder if this could be his serial number. I don't know if the first number is a 1 or just the letter I. The other numbers look like 955084. I have been trying to find the identity of this pilot for quite a while but I have been unsuccessful. Can anybody help me? Cheers! Poirot
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