Hercules engined Halifax Exhaust

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I'm sure that this has been answered several times over but I've done a search and not found the answer.

Could someone confirm to me that the reason that Hercules engined Halifaxes had their Port Outer exhaust handed to the left and the other three to the right was to avoid the fuel tank drains if they had to dump fuel while airborne.

That is was I've been led to believe.

There was an article in the Areoplane magazine a good ten years or so ago with a readers letter about it...... There was also another readers letter about a Halifax hulk on and airfield looked after by some ATC squadron till well into the late sixties, until the Station Commander ordered its disposal. (Not PN323)

I wish I'd bought a copy but just read it on Smiths shelves!




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Just giving this a gentle bump..... "I guess no ones replied cos it didn't have lancaster or Spitfire in the title" :)

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I don't know the answer to your question, but to complicate matters the later radial-engine Halifaxes (Hercules 100?) had the starboard outer exhaust handed to the left too.