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Anyone know who the name of this lady? [ATTACH=CONFIG]231629[/ATTACH]
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Pass, but I first saw that photo in Douglas Bader's Spitfire/Hurricane volume about 20 years ago!
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Could it be Maureen Dunlop (I think) who graced the cover of Picture Post?
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There is an ATA Museum. Perhaps they could help?

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My first post so please be gentle with me! I think the lady's name is Helen Harrison. She was indeed Canadian and has an extensive entry in the dreaded Wikipedia. Really a remarkable career; b 1909 : d1995. She got her A licence in 1935 here in Britain, took further instruction in South Africa and, back in Britain, became one of the first women to become a qualified instructor. She gets an honourable mention in Giles Whitwell's book Spitfire Women which I found both informative and occasionally moving. Apparently Helen had a real reputation as a party animal and an remarkable capacity for alcoholic beverages! Some of those ladies were quite amazing. Helen had flown more than 14000 hours by the time she retired.