Nightfighter attack on 428 Sqn Halifax LK908 22/10/43

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I'm currently trying to find out more information concerning a nightfighter attack on a 428 Sqn Halifax V, LK908, on the night of the 22/10/43. The aircraft took off from Middle St George at 17.17 on an operation to Kassel. The crew at this time were: 1049445 Sgt Sykes E J (P) 1020731 Sgt Graham T R154103 Sgt Ovendon C R53177 Sgt Nule A C (could be Jule, typing in ORB is unclear) (FE) 1127272 Sgt Bibby G H 1821792 Sgt Stuart P (MUG) R169994 Sgt Clemenhagen W (RG) The crew were on their 6th operation, the pilot on his 7th. The squadron ORB describes their operation as follows: "Primary target bombed on time from a height of 20 000'. Bombing results unknown, but thought to be good. Rear guner killed, mid-upper gunner injured. Navigator acute shock. Bombed target on PFF. Battle damage forced aircraft down to 15 000', no equipment failure: however flak damage to aircraft in target area. Landed at Snetterton Heath". The aircraft landed at 23.30. The pilot recoded in his log book: "D.C.O. Kassel. 3 fighter attacks. Coned. Rear gunner killed. Kite badly shot up. Crash land Snetterton Heath" He later added: "R/G "had it", hit in first attack. 2nd bash from flank. 3rd "belly rake". Engineer hit. 2 small fires. MUG trapped in turret. Oxygen U/S. Hydraulics burst. Rudder U/S. A.C "fell" from 21 000' to 10 000' out of control. Commissioned 24/10/43. Sgt Jule F/E & Sgt Stuart MUG awarded DFM". Would anyone happen to have any further details of this attack, specifically is there any record of where & when in the evening it took place & what was the other aircraft involved? In addition, would anyone happen to have details of the FE & MUG's DFM citations which might shed more light on what happened inside that aircraft during & after the attack? Any further information or advice would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks Rich
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