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Hi, just wondering if any Hurricane people can help me out. We are helping out with supplying some MV's to the poppy day collection this year in my local town of Castle Cary in Somerset. Many years ago, we recovered a small amount of wreckage from Hurricane V6700 (with a license). I think it fitting that I now have a chance to remind local people of the sad event leading to the loss of this aircraft and commemorate/remember its pilot. I would like to put together a small display, but am lacking a picture of the aircraft, I am told that one exists in Hurrricane at War, but my second hand copy is missing this page! would anybody, have this or any other pictures of V6700. It was on charge with the Royal Navy when lost, flying out of RNAS Yeovilton. The aircraft was previously owned by the RAF. Roy Weeks bailed out after a mid -air collision over the town, but his parachute failed to open in time, he is buried in the navy cemetery at yeovilton. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Tim.
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Hello Tim, I think we met over a hedge at that one! Good luck with the display, if you need anything laser cut for it do get in touch. I'll try and scan a better version for you.
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I notice 3 different spinner types , and that is a tight formation .

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Rotol prop (foreground) and de-H the other two. When you've done the display Tim, post a few pics. Would be interested to see that. Anon.

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Rotol prop (foreground) and de-H the other two. Anon.
Surely Rotol [early] (foreground), de-H, Rotol [late] (V6700)?
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Hurricane P3090 has the early Rotol Spitfire Spinner fitted. Hurricane Z4922 has the De Havilland spinner fitted, and Hurricane V6700 has the later Rotol spinner that was specifically designed for the Hurricane.