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Hi Everyone This message from one of the restoration project leaders - if you can help please let me know ! The BA Swallow, VH-UUM - an appeal for help! The Swallow was built in the UK in 1935 by the British Aircraft Manufacturing Company. The aircraft was first registered in Australia in the same year to Adastra Airways of Mascott, NSW. At one stage in its career it was the property of Lang Hancock. After a varied career (it once belonged to Lang Hancock; later it reportedly frightened off a pair of Japanese Betty bombers intent on bombing Port headland) the aircraft was finally donated to the Australian Aircraft Restoration Group in 1968 by Bob Burnett-Read. After a long period in storage, restoration to flying standard began in about 2000. The airframe is now complete and is assembled and painted. Much of the fitting out is finished, the Pobjoy engine has been stripped and rebuilt and is close to being ready to install. We are in need of a number of items to complete the restoration, and are keen to try to find examples of an appropriate vintage. If you can help with any of the following items, please contact us directly at [email][/email] or through the Museum at We are looking for: 2 Air Speed Indicators - a Swallow cruises at about 80 mph and has a VNE of around 120 mph 2 Altimeters 1 rev counter - The Pobjoy engine produces maximum power at 3600 rpm 1 compass 1 clock A pair of magneto switches 1 oil pressure gauge* An oil cooler. The original (from photos of one of the UK Swallows) measures about 250mm by 120mm and appears to be simply a cast alloy "box" with fins on the bottom. A pair of top reading fuel gauges for the wing tanks. Cheers [ATTACH=CONFIG]231726[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]231727[/ATTACH]
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