Historic aircraft on Bank notes and coins

I was delighted to receive this brand new Concorde emblazoned, Singapore 20 dollar bank note whilst working in the region some years ago. At the time I was based in KL and working on the design of the taxiways and runways for the 'new' airport at Sepang.


Does anyone else have examples of aviation themed bank notes or coinage?
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You really do have to much time on your hands !
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Peter, is that a Burmese £50 note. :-

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The Burmese bank notes come complete with a Teak outer case for preservation


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Please allow ten months for delivery...they need to find where they buried them
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They'll be under a mattress somewhere. Aren't we straying off the point just a little? :dev2:

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I have this coin, which I bought from the Westminster Collection 4 years ago. I hope this works, I haven't tried attaching any images on here before! Regards, Rich.
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In 1994 I was given a French telephone card that had a picture of Martin B-26s on a raid for D-Day.
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Australian banknotes have featured aviation themes over the years, for example, Sir Charles Kingsford Smith (famous pilot) and Lawrence Hargrave (aeronautical pioneer) on the old paper $20 note:


On the currrent polymer notes, we have Rev John Flynn (founder of the Flying Doctor Service) on the $20 note:


and David Unaipon (inventor) on the $50 note:

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