North East Land, Sea And Aircraft Museum Diary

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That’s is quite incredible, you actually got one of those long dormant Olympus engines to come alive again and it worked too.

What an amazing achievement for all involved :applause::applause::very_drunk:

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Time for a long overdue update for those who do not do facebook

Tomorrow sees the departure of Mystere No 146 to the Polish National Aviation Museum in Krakow

Also departing is the T33 down to storage with GJD Services at St Athan where it will be on show at SWAM

The new extension to the Romney building is now structurally complete with painting inside to be done before the Dragonfly moves over.

During the next six months the main aviation collection will be being re-shuffled and the Lightning, Anson, Pucara, Spitifire and Morane will be moved in from temporary storage or outside dispaly 

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Could you give an update and some photos of your B747 cockpit section inside and out - I am particularly interested to see how clean a sectioning from the rest of the airframe was achieved?

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The B747 cockpit section moved on last year but I don't know where to but perhaps Thunderbird167 will be along to add more but if not I will make some enquiries about it ?

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Hello Chaps, the 747 was a private owner who was storing it on site with the aim to turn it into a man cave i believe, under the workmanship of StuArt aviation. it left site at the start of last year i believe but we are unaware of where it went too, unless the boss Thunderbird167 knows.


On site wise we have recently became the proud owners of an aircraft tug, one which served on the HMS Ark Royal ( not the last one) pics to follow, it has already earned its place in our collection as it has proved invaluble lately for the recent moves we have had, most recently in preparing the lightning for its future move into the display hangar. 

The volunteers over the last few month have dug in deep and made some amazing progress in reshaping the collection and making the site more user friendly.

I would urge anyone who is up north for any time to pay us a visit, or make the journey to check out the progress. (when we get off of lockdown that is)

Have included a topside view of the Vulcan to see progress so far.

for regular updates, please follow our facebook page

our website is also