New Spitfire sculpture

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The studio of Gregory Percival has released a wonderful new sculpture titled 'Endeavour' based on Geoffrey Wellum DFC

Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC by Gregory Percival
The completed work is a limited edition of 25 bronze casts, signed and finished by the artist. The two Artists Proofs AP001/002 and AP002/002 have already been sold
Weight approx 6kg, height 40cm, width 30cm.

Gregory Percival produced this work specifically for the Fly to Help charity event held at the RAF Club, 1st May 2013.

A two piece bronze casting mounted on slate.

First Exhibited at Bonhams and Goodwood Revival 2014

The piece can be viewed via Gregs site at


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Stunning :)

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Hi All,
Just love the detailing would be interested to know the prices but judging by his other sculpture prices I think this will be well in the high hundreds but none the less excellent work. :applause:


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Very nice indeed .

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Terrific piece of work;).